HBO – The Deuce (Trailer)

There are few era’s and happenings that I get nostalgic for which have always intrigued me weather being a part of it from the inside or seeing it from the outside.  The mysteries of Time Square and other grindhouse districts of cities has always been something that I’ve always dug especially when it came to theater showing Kung Fu, Exploitation and Porn films. For the last few years, word was spreading that HBO would be filming a series based around old 42nd Street and monumental moments of the 1970’s during the rise of the porn industry which finally makes its small screen debut later this month.

The Deuce stars James Franco who will play twin brothers Frankie and Vincent Martino, with Maggie Gyllenhal portraying a sex worker named Eileen “Candy” Merrell. With a supporting cast of others including Method Man.