Brucesploitation Double Feature

There was a time that I would get jealous of friends living in L.A. who got to go to film screenings at theaters showing some of my favorite movies.  They would always call saying that there was a rare 35mm print of (insert movie name) showing tonight or (insert actor / actress / direct name) would be presenting their film. But for the last few years, Philly’s Exhumed Films have been filling our movie needs with their filmfests, and special screenings of Exploitation, Horror, Kung Fu and Sexploitation genre delights.

This Friday they return to the Lightbox Film Center here in Philly for a Brucesploitation double feature with “The Dragon Lives Again” and “Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave”.  If you’re a fan then be sure to add this to your calendar, grab your snacks and pop and enjoy!