36 Styles X Nostalgia King Movie Collectors Club

I recently teamed up with my favorite Kung Fu t-shirt and apparel brand, 36 Styles on a new Nostalgia King signature for our new line, Kung Fu Movie Collectors Club. The line pays homage and is inspired by my extensive VHS collection and the early day of not only recording my favorite Kung Fu flicks on Saturday afternoons from television but also buying and collecting original big box and clamshell VHS’s that have become sought after and highly collectible within the scene.

Our first design features a few tapes from my shelf that I’ve collected while traveling the globe as a DJ and found myself in local video stores in Korea, Amsterdam, Germany as well as here in the states. Although many of these movies are readily available via DVD or YouTube, nothing says nostalgic like owning them on the format that you were first introduced to them on which for me, is VHS.

Head over to https://www.36styles.com for all things classic Kung Fu and to celebrate the genre of flying kicks, brick smashing fists and slicing lethal swords!