Catch The Beat – Phill Most Chill

One of the most highly regarded names in the world of digging is without a doubt Soulman who through his 90’s mixtapes unearth gems that many are still searching for to this very day and in my opinion is in the top 5 all time kings of digging. That same entity plays a split role who has lyrically graced tracks under his nom de plume as Phill Most Chill, serving up high power raps and sharp flows in a true Bboy fashion.  A few days back we covered Paul Nice’s list for Catch The Beat and is so happens that Nice and Phill together are known as The Fabreeze Brothers so it’s only right that we find out Phill Most Chill’s favorite 80’s joints to catch.

#1 Spoonie Gee & The Treacherous Three – Love Rap (1980)


#2 T Ski Valley – Catch The Beat (1982)

#3 Treacherous Three – Feel The Heartbeat (1981)


#4 The Sequence – Funk You Up (1979)


#5 Tanya “Sweet Tee” Winley – Vicious Rap (1980)