East Coast Love Affair – Date With The Rain

Doing cover versions of songs that are beloved is never an easy thing and can be a thin line of making something your own or totally ruining what we loved about the original. We tend to believe in never trying to outdo a perfect original instead, adding on and giving options of playing something different yet familiar which captures our attention and holds us in that sweet spot. One of our favorite Eddie Kendricks tunes is without a doubt, “Date With The Rain” which has gotten plenty of some across the funk & soul scene over the years and still remains a staple so when we heard about the East Coast Love Affair version of the same title, we were curious as to how it could be pulled off and if it would be any good. The answer in short, musically it’s very different than the original which was a wise move, is it any good? It is indeed a slice of 8:08 disco 12″ goodness that stands as it’s own thing.

So how did this cover come about? Well here’s the story….

“Obviously to attempt a cover of classic only works if you go down a different route with the track, the idea came from talking good lovers covers with friends, much to my surprise there was no ‘Date With The Rain’ cover which felt like it would have been perfect (someone please correct me and send me a copy if there is one). I had been chatting to lovers legend Peter Hunnigale often during the making of ‘For The Love Of You’ compilation and asked him if he would be up for doing a vocal on a cover, and he said yes, so we got to work, hope you like the result.”