31 Releases of 2017 Pt. 26 – Tone B. Nimble

I’ve always said that the #1 job of a DJ is to educate the listener while breaking new records to the audience and in the case of Tone B. Nimble, those records can also be older records that still have maximum impact when played correctly.  A specialist in his field of Gospel oriented Disco, Funk and Soul, he’s the go to guy when it comes to making sure the dance floor is right.   Last year he released his Soul Is My Salvation Vol. 2 cassette via Record Breakin’ Music which brought together those genres for a 90 minute session that definitely too you to church!  In an era where DJ’s and collectors are heavily focused on flossing records on Instagram, DJ’s like Tone are putting them to use the nowhere near old fashion way, through the speakers and into your soul.

If you’re a tape collector, digger or disco lover, then you need this in your deck and collection!