Coffee Table Status – Skateboarding Is Not A Fashion

Brand new coffee table book ‘Skateboarding Is Not A Fashion’, capturing history and the culture of skateboarding in print as told by prolific skateboard personalities within the industry. Breaking down each era and giving an overview of the culture featuring a full list of brands and riders that helped to shape the way skaters way of dressing which became a lifestyle in itself.

“From its roots in the ’50s as an offshoot of surfing culture to the skulls and neon of the ’80s, the Goofy Boy ’90s, and ’00s outbreaks of Pissdrunx and preppy high fashion; the authors have taken great effort to document all aspects of this aesthetic movement. Visuals are provided by original pieces from the vast collection of the Museum of Skateboard History in Berlin, while the story is told based on the insight and memories of skateboard celebrities like Tony Alva, Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Jim Phillips and more.”

Available February 1st via Ginko Press