The Estimations – Let Me Go b/w Can’t Do This To Me

I know you’ve heard people say it before that they have the best job and that may be true for them, but I absolutely have the best job especially for a music lover and DJ especially when the perks of the job are concerned. From time to time something will slide through mail slot on a cold day that warms us up with joy as we open the package and see a nice slab of vinyl tucked away inside. Arriving in today’s mail via Canada Post by way of Edmonton is the debut release from The Estimations on the Kimberlite Records label and double side of mid-60’s soul that’s perfect on a snowy day like today.

“Let Me Go” is a mellow soul ballad in the stylings of Sam Cooke with wide open drum break intro to set the tone.  “Can’t Do This To Me” comes in as a bright, up-tempo dance tune with Latin percussion and a pleading call and response vocal, and perfect for soul nights where the dance floor is first priority.

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