XL Middleton x Moniquea

Yesterday’s 84 degree weather made me love Spring time here in Philly but with the drastic drop down to the 40’s today, I can’t help but wish I was out on the West Coast soaking up those Cali vibes. But MoFunk Records is keeping the breeze blowing east with a pair of upcoming singles from two of the west’s best, XL Middleton and Moniquea.

XL Middleton continues to bring those coastal g-funk vibes on “We Gotta Go,” a track with a synthy 2-step groove and a bold message: Let’s put the phones down and connect in person like we used to do.

Moniquea also delivers a solid slab of modern g-funk on “His Lady,” a future roller skate staple featuring an instrumental culled from the mid 2000’s vaults of XL Middleton. The track still sounds fresh nearly a decade and a half later thanks to Moniquea’s timeless songwriting and silky delivery.