5 Pre 1986 Rap 12″ That Shaped My Hip Hop Palate

There was an era when the rap 12″ reigned supreme, a time where we would patiently wait for the newest release so that we could hit the record shop to drop $1.99 on a single and get maximum listening hours in before the next would hit the bins.  In this list (not necessarily a definitive list), I’ve picked 5 pre 1986 12″ that helped to shape my future rap listening palate and build a collection of some of my favorites that hold prime real estate in my crates.  The list also represents those recorded with a crew and not a just solo MC.


Crash Crew – On The Radio (1983)


Super 3 – When You’re Standing On The Top (1982)


The Jazzy 5 – Jazzy Sensation (1981)


Fresh 3 MC’s – Fresh (1983)


Ultimate 3 MC’s – What Are We Gonna Do About It (1984)