Sunny & The Sunliners – The One Who’s Hurting Is You

Big Crown Records continues on with spotlighting the musical magic and soul stylings of Sunny & The Sunilners with their latest 45, “The One Who’s Hurting Is You” b/w “Should I Take You Home”. This double sider will surely appeal to fans of the artist but is also an excellent starting point for those not familiar with them and looking to jump on board to whats going on.

“Another stone classic 45 from the legendary Sunny & the Sunliners. Following up on the compilation project and full length reissues we have done, we keep on pressing up some must-haves from his amazing catalog of music. Diehard fans will love to see this one.

The A Side is “The One Who’s Hurting Is You” which was never on an album and the original 45 is pretty tough to find, and pretty expensive when you do, to put it mildly… A killer tune that starts out with Rudy Palacios signature guitar riff, dropping into the haunting back ground vocals and met with Sunny’s lead riding the line between gruff and sweet. Sunny lays down the law and tells it as fact, “there’s one thing that’s for certain, I won’t be doing the hurting. The one who’s hurting is you….”

The B Side, another non album cut, and one of the hardest 45s from Sunny to come across, is the original recording of “Should I Take You Home”. Originally released on Sunny’s Key-Loc label, this is the first version, later in life they remixed it to license it to another label making it brighter and more punchy. This is the lo-fi, the gritty, the original mix, one we are sure fans are going to be happy to finally get a copy of. Another killer two-sider, another Big Crown Sureshot.”

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