Butta 45’s 2018 Tour (Week 1)

The 2018 Butta 45’s tour is underway and in full swing across Germany and Switzerland putting in plenty of hours zooming on the Autobahn with the occasional coffee break at a rest stop for lunch. Kicking things off this past Thursday to a full house in Erfurt (which was our first time playing there) and definitely not our last, the crowd filled in and danced until 3am until the lights came on. After a 5 hour sleep, it was time for a 6hr drive to one of our favorite places to play on the tour, St. Gallen Switzerland with host Herr Wempe. The Soul Gallen party takes place at the historic Cinema Palace which is an old theater with perfect wood floors for those who want to cut up a bit. With the lights coming on around 4:30am, it was off to the hotel for too short 5 hours of sleep before making the 6hr drive through Austria and back to Germany to play in Leipzig which was another first time playing there for us.  We’ve heard a lot about this city with has become the destination for many artists to live and create in which was previously known for being in Berlin. The city definitely lived up to what we’ve heard and the people packed into this underground basement and rocked with us until 6am! The longest night thus far on the tour and one that stayed high energy right until the very end.  Thank you to @ig.funkundsoul, @thinkloudrecords @elstertainment, @nowrockizm and everyone involved with making the first leg of dates a success.

This week we keep it moving with dates in Köln, Nürnberg and Hamburg.