Editors Pick – Top 10 LP’s of 2018

2018 was a great year for LP’s being released by independent labels and artists most of which have taken up most of our listening time throughout the year.  Here at Nostalgia King we believe in reviewing only music that we enjoy listening to and music that you the readers would appreciate most. It’s easy to follow the obvious and typical trends that other media sites promote which is the lazy route and a lot harder to actually be a “tastemaker” of sorts with an ear and talent for hipping people something refreshing.  So with that being said, we’re closing out the year with an editors pick of 10 LP’s that have been in heavy rotation this year. This isn’t a “best of” list because everything we review is in the best of category but a short list of ones you should definitely be up on.

In no particular order

The Du-Rites – Gamma Ray Jones

Scone Cash Players – Blast Furnace!

Pellegrino – Zodyaco

Insólito UniVerso – La candela del río

Jonny Drop – The Only Sound

Ben Pirani – How Do I Talk To My Brother?

The White Blinds – Get To Steppin’

Shawn Lee and The Soul Surfers – Self Titled

Robohands – Green

Estrada Orchestra – Vaba