Beat Bronco Organ Trio – Easy Baby

I don’t think that anyone could’ve predicted the resurgence of not only Jazz 45’s but Jazz LP’s in general from a wide range of bands coming in from all across the globe but we’re surely happy to see it happening. Greasy organ jazz seems to be a particular sound that’s making the waves which makes for easy packing when playing out at jazz club gigs and the latest from Beat Bronco Organ Trio fits right in nicely.

“Beat Bronco Organ Trio play Soul Jazz, the sound of the 60’s popularized by artists such as Jimmy Smith, Grant Green, Jimmy McGriff and Reuben Wilson. With a warm and solid sound, the Madrid combo breaks into the scene with a groovy funky 45. The Mid-tempo Jazz Funk cut “Easy Baby” on one side and the dancefloor burner “Geriatric Dance” on the flip.”