Lewis Parker – The 45 Collection Box Set

It’s become increasingly rare the lack of Hip Hop material that gets released that we’re really digging enough to give the stamp of approval which will ultimately have effective long term replay value. But from time to time, something sneaks into our inbox that catches piques our interests and should be of interest to you, the listener. One of the best to ever touch the SP1200, without a doubt is the homie, MC and producer extraordinaire Lewis Parker. For years he’s banged out some of the toughest best that still give our necks spasms from from the head nod effect. He just knowns how to chop and flip his samples correctly then run everything through the rack and board to bring out the most, but that’s to be expected when you’re a master at your craft.

His latest release coming via KingUnderground is a killer 7″ box set housing 5 double-siders of vocal tracks as well as a few hard as nails instrumentals that we definitely need in our rotation. Housed in a beautiful box with colorful individual sleeves reminiscent of library LPs, the set is limited to 225 editions. Looking fore the ultimate gift to treat yourself, then this might very well be up your alley.

Available now with full sound clips at http://www.kingunderground.com