LaRombé – From Philly

It’s not often but Illadelph (Philly) gets a little love and shine on the new release from the Athens of The North label with the incredibly grooving “From Philly” by LaRombé. File this one under Disco, Funk, Modern Soul and essential!

“LaRombé is one of the most talented songwriters I have come across in my years of working for Jazzman and Athens of the North. Having gone through much of his tape archive it obvious what a powerhouse of song writing and composition this man is. LaRombé music is of the strongest calibre all the way, from his first release in 1979 to present day. All of his Soul, Disco & R&B stands the test of time. It’s easy to have one record that with luck ends up great but another thing to write record after record with great hooks you can’t leave alone. Athens of the North is very proud to present ‘From Philly’, Vinyl and CD comes with sleeve notes featuring interview and photos.”