Digging Video Games (Intellivision)

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a Digging Video Games post but what better time than now to occupy some time while everyone is cooped up in the crib during this Coronavirus scare.

Dear Corona diary day (?), I don’t know because social distancing is a regular thing when I’m not traveling and it’s pretty common for me to lose track of days while in the lab being creative. Sadly America seems to be losing it, people are bouncing off  of the walls from boredom or with their kids going crazy being home from school. Artists are flocking to FB or IG and flooding timelines with mediocrity out of being bored and only a few that I have seen have locked themselves in the lab to weather the storm and create something so that when the lights come back on, we’ll have some sort of new art and culture going on. I feel like this is an episode of Max Headroom where the Networks control the airwaves and people can’t function without Facebook 😂.

For me, I live for days to not leave the house to catch up on some TV, read a book, go through records, do some rearranging and organizing of stuff and most importantly, catch up on rest. During this week so far, I’ve knocked out a few projects including this weeks mix on dropping on my streaming app https://nerve.fm/skemerichards/  which you really should subscribe to! With the constant flow of work, there has to be a balance of fun so I’ve decided to go through the vintage video game console collection and relive a little video game history and plugging in old systems like the Intellivision.

Made by Mattel Electonics in 1979, Intellivision was the second video game console that I owned (Atari 2600 being the first). Like the Atari 2600, Intellivision had a slew of games both originals as well as arcade conversions like Discs of Tron, Donkey Kong, Burger Time and more. The graphics were great for that era and of course, game play was fun. After plugging it in, the Intellivision still holds up with plenty of replay value and fun factor.