Coffee Table Status – Adelaide Train Graffiti (1994-2020)

With every social, political or cultural movement, history is being written and hopefully documented for not only the locals but also the outsiders to bare witness to what the featured participants put into action and created. In this case, making history happened in South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital, Adelaide and the train graffiti movement which has been captured in the new book, Adelaide Train Graffiti 1994-2020 recently arrived in the post from the homie Kwote1 who is also featured in the book.

Although we’ve seen subway graffiti from Adelaide in graff zines over they years, this is the first time in history that many of the works have been captured between two hardback covers over the span of 26 years from some of the city’s finest writers. The full color book is packed with 268 pages and 322 images of pure heat with stories about late night bombing adventures and more. This book is definitely a must own to add to you collection especially if you’ve ever wondered what the scene is like in Adelaide.

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