Proto Droids – Cybernetic World

It seems that the older some people get, the less they embrace age but in my life, I choose to enjoy all facets of it and connect the dots. Having lived through multiple decades, each which presented something new whether it be music or technology, it’s a rather unique experience to have been a part of what was cutting edge and hipped. When it comes to music, what’s old is new again and presented with a refreshingly new take on something that’s essentially timeless which is exactly what Proto Droids have done with their upcoming LP.

“Cybernetic World” by Neil ‘Correlations/The Relations’ Hale under the moniker of Proto Droids. Expect a fresh take on 80s electro mixed with the hottest Italo disco which presents a feel that’s very reminiscent of the times that I’ve travel to counties like Finland, Germany and Switzerland to play or to hear other DJ’s perform in their natural settings.

Now is the time to create what feels right which is exactly the case with Proto Droids. An absolutely authentic sounding album, dedicated to an era which presented something unlike any other.