Coffee Table Status – Bitmap Books Gameboy The Box Art Collection

Bitmap Books is gearing up to release another video game art inspired book and this time focusing on the beloved Game Boy handheld. Game Boy: The Box Art Collection is a heft 372-page historical guide that covers the expansive world of Game Boy box art. Each page includes a full detailed review of a game’s box and cartridge artwork, alongside gameplay screenshots.

“We’ve worked closely with some of the world’s most renowned Game Boy collectors to pull together a varied selection of titles that spans both Western and Eastern tastes. We’ve tried to strike the right balance between the two, and we hope you’ll enjoy seeing some familiar pieces of art rubbing shoulders with covers for games you perhaps know from the dim and distant past, but have never before seen presented in the packaging shown here.”

Appealing to all types of fans and collectors, Bitmap will produce various collector’s editions with Silver editions being limited to 1,500 copies and Gold with just 500. Each limited-edition book comes with a postcard, poster and card box emblazoned with art by Wil Overton.

Available for pre-order on September 28th and sells for $40