Preservation Project – PP013

Preservation Project continues to step the game up with releases and this latest drop takes us to the funky Latin Rock side of things. Hearing the initial test press made us excited to give it plenty of spins in our sets which received a great response with several people coming up to the DJ booth to ask who the artist was. That says a lot not only because those who I play for have good taste in music but also that Preservation Project has a great ear in knowing what to press up and release.

These sides are prototypical for the “Sounds Like Santana” genre coined at the Friends of Sound record store in Austin, TX years ago. Heavy Latin Rock fusion on these tracks, with just a pinch of Jazz thrown in for good measure.

“Evil Deeds” starts right into it the moment the needle hits the groove on your turntable – heavy organ, percussion, shakers, and guitar all greet your ears. Moving into the track you get the typical shredding guitar solo, organ solo, and a sax solo, for good measure.

“Time and Space” starts with a nod to the classic Dave Brubeck “Take Five” and continues on an adventure into a more psychedelic groove and more of a Rock vibe. Time changes and tempo shifts and big solos round out the side.

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