Kaewonder & Mastersihn – Bad Acid Black Tie Affair

It’s a rarity that we get a project or tape releases like this next drop from the homies Kaewonder and Mastersihn but when something like this is done of this magnitude then our ears are all open but we know it’s gonna be deep especially from two heads like these gents. Their new tape, “Bad Acid Black Tie Affair” dives deep into Library music territory in a way that has never been done before to make a cinematic them that is so far out that it lives up to it’s title.


“So, a few years back me and my mans Mastersihn would always kick it about library music and while discussing this often overlooked kind of sterile sound, we discovered some sessions that were absolutely unhinged: fuzz-drenched basslines, heavy 4/4 boom bap drums, electronics going for broke, essentially pre-made hip hop.”

“He had made a comment after I played him a record saying “that sounds like a bad acid black tie affair” and the name stuck.
When he was in town he brought a handful of records, I played a handful, and over the next couple years I kept toying around and started editing the sessions.”

Great projects take time and Bad Acid Black Tie Affair is definitely one that obviously was given great care when the idea came about and putting it all together. The world is full of diggers but it takes a special kind to go the extra mile and release full on productions and mixes of this nature especially in 2022 which makes it so essential to hear and own in the collection.

Highly Recommended