The Heavy Sounds – Midnight Sun B/W Reach Out

A month or so back while in Oakland playing a party I had the pleasure to finally meet up with the homie Chris Lujan of Lugnut Brand Records and also and amazing producer and musician who has released some of the most amazing music over the last few years. Chris always seems to have his hands involved in something but when he passed off a promo of an upcoming single by The Heavy Sounds I knew it was something that I needed to drop the needle on as soon as I landed back in the 215. Fast forward to the present and that single which features “Midnight Sun” b/w “Reach Out” finally makes it’s debut and ready to receive plenty of spins.

Based out of Chicago, The Heavy Sounds are a live instrumental Soul band who released their debut single on Lungnut Brand Records back in 2020 which caught the attention of DJ’s and collectors and established themselves as band to be on the lookout for. After their debut release, the band headed back into the studio to take on a few covers as well as original tunes for what we hope will be a full length LP at some point but in the meantime, the new single from those same sessions will hold us over.

“Midnight Sun” shows the band taking their original material in an exciting new direction while the B-side cover of The Four Tops hit Reach Out (Iʼll Be There) is sure to get people moving on the dance floor.