Fist of The North Star 40th Anniversary (Tokyo)

This past week I was back in what has become like my second home, Japan and it was a full week of adventures as this go around was a celebratory return to manga quest and the hunt for the holy grails as fellow collectors and artists Ed Piskor (Hip Hop Family Tree), Bryan Christopher Moss (Desert Decay), DanikaXIX (upcoming AKIRA: The Documentary), Alika (Maui Comics), Rachel Moss (Internet Bedroom) and our exclusive connect in the city, Shawn (Japan Book Hunter) and Aki Yanagi converge in the city of Tokyo.

The first on the menu is to meet up at the Mori Art Museum to experience the Fist of The North Star 40th Anniversary Exhibition which featured original art and panels from the original manga series, books and magazines which was written by Buronson and drawn by Tetsuo Hara. For those that are familiar with FOTN, you’ll know just how lengthy the series is which was serialized in manga magazine, Weekly Shōnen Jump for 245 issues and published from 1983 to 1988.  It would be virtually impossible to fit everything into an exhibition of this size but the curators did an amazing job of spreading it across in a great way to give the attendee the full scope and depth of just how much of an amazing artist Tetsuo Hara is.

In total there were about 10 rooms filled with everything Fist of The North Star and was a must see for anyone who is a fan. Sadly, if you were interested in visiting the show, it ended this past weekend but luckily for you, you have me to give you a second-hand look into a small piece of what I saw.