Stick To It – A Documentary About Stickers

Who doesn’t love stickers!? For most of us, they’ve been around us since childhood featuring many of our favorite characters weather found in packs of bubble gum or a loaf of bread. ¬†Sometimes applied to our favorite skateboard or bedroom wall and for some of us collectors preserved tucked in notebook binder and never stuck at all.

Juxtapoz recently debuted part 1 of their 4-part series “Stick to It”, a look at the role of stickers in street culture through the words of various artists and musicians. Each episode delves deep into the DIY aesthetic, community, and message that sticker culture has spread across the world. It’ll be interesting to see how they connect the dots with Punk, Hip Hop and skate cultures as they all have utilized stickers since the beginning. ¬†Check out part 1 here.