8Bitdo Swtich SNES30 Controller and NES30 Arcade Stick

I think the last time that I’ve been excited for an aftermarket controller for a video game console was back in the early 80’s when Wico was king of the controller market and producing their legendary Boss joysticks.  But after this past weeks E3 convention, my renewed interest in controllers to go along with my Nintendo Switch has been piqued. Accessory maker 8Bitdo unveiled three new devices to turn your Switch into the ultimate portable set up to enjoy at home or on the go.

For you retro lovers out there, the SNES30 Pro features bluetooth, USB-C, rumble vibration, motion controls and player indicator LED’s.

SNES30Pro 8Bitdo

If fighters are your specialty then the NES30 Arcade Stick is for you and boasts turbo functionality and joystick / D-Pad modes.

8Bitdo NES30

And finally, no gaming device is complete without having the proper sound to tie it all together.  Their new TwinCube Stereo Speakers, which feature wireless bluetooth, stereo speakers and AUX input.

8bitdo speakers

If you’ve got a Switch and want to step it up a notch, these accessories may be what you’re looking for.