Coffee Table Status – NEOGEO: A Visual History

We love well thought out hardback books that make for great reading as well as for display on our coffee table or bookshelves and video game art and history books make for some of the best and most visually beautiful books made.  NEOGEO is without a doubt a brand in it’s own league both in the arcades as well as bringing the complete arcade experience home and with the upcoming book, NEOGEO: A Visual History, readers will be able to see the scope and full impact that the brand has created.

A visual celebration of all things NEOGEO, it’s crammed full of beautiful visuals split into dedicated chapters, including Hardware, Box Art, Character and Concept Art and Pixel Art. The imagery has been collated and photographed the from all over the world, which has been handpicked to appear in this unique and exclusive volume. NEOGEO: a visual history also features official interviews with key staff integral to the NEOGEO’s history, including producer Yasuyuki Oda, artist Tatsuhiko Kanaoka (Falcoon) and composer Hideki Asanaka (sha-v).

The book weighs in at a healthy 400 pages in length, 8.2 inch x 11.7 inch in size and available in hardback only. Metallic gold ink is used throughout and the binding employs thread rather than glue, so it will be much more durable and can open flat, minimising imagery lost in the binding. Produced using the very best in print techniques, it will happily grace any gamer’s coffee table.