31 Days of 2017 Releases Pt. 15 – Piero Umiliani

One of the most highly anticipated releases of 2017 (for me especially) was a project that my brother Marsellus Wallace had been working on for 2 years which finally made it’s debut.  His specially curated compilation of Piero Umiliani tracks for the LP, Grazie!  all hand picked by Marsellus himself.  Beautifully done, gatefold cover, proper track selection of some of the rarest and unreleased Umiliani compositions you’ll here, this is the Umiliani project that you need in your crates!

This project sold out pretty quick so do yourself a favor and grab it on the secondary market before prices go up.  Extra added bonus is the mixed CD of Umiliani tracks that Wallace put together and packaged in the bundle.