New York Underground Funk Band – Funk & Soul

The Preservation Project returns with another heavy slice of 7″ goodness from the ever tough New York Underground Funk Band who dive deep into their psychedelic side of raw funk. Previously unknown and now brought to light via TPP who have done an excellent job in rediscovery of quality tunes that need to be heard.

Funk & Soul states, “I’ve got funk and soul…don’t have to worry about a doggone thing” — and we’d have to agree. Yet another excellent track from NYUFB, though a little more psyched-out this time: imagine Sly and the Family Stone getting Jimi Hendrix for a session, then asking him to drop a fuzzed-out guitar solo. You might then end up with “Funk & Soul” — the heaviest, fuzz-driven Sly track you’ve never heard. Though it’s also NYUFB from start to finish.

Now that you’re in the right frame of mind from side A, you’re ready for “Wanna Be Free” — the deep funk B-side that trades out the spirit of Jimi Hendrix for the spirit of Jim Morrison. With all the respect that is due to these greats, NYUFB crafts their own psychedelic sound in this raucous cut that features thunderous drums and alluring interplay between organ and guitar. This was certainly designed to free your mind, and we believe the group succeeds.

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