Marvin Gaye – You’re The Man LP

When rumors start to swirl about a lost album by the late great Marvin Gaye, it’s pretty safe to say that you have everyones attention. Well that lost album has been officially announced and we excited for the magic and enjoyment that it will surely bring to everyones ears. Hitting the record bins on March 29th, “You’re The Man” is Gaye’s proposed 1972 follow up LP to his “What’s Goin On” LP and from what we’ve heard so far, it’s a masterpiece! A double LP filled with 17 tracks which sounds as funky today as it would’ve then.

marvin gaye youre the man

You’re the Man Vinyl Track List

Side 1
1. “You’re The Man”
2. “The World Is Rated X”
3. “Piece of Clay”
4. “Where Are We Going?”

Side 2
1. “I’m Gonna Give You Respect”
2. “Try It, You’ll Like It”
3. “You Are That Special One”
4. “We Can Make It Baby”

Side 3
1. “My Last Chance” (Salaam Remi mix)
2. “Symphony” (Salaam Remi mix)
3. “I’d Give My Life For You” (Salaam Remi mix)
4. “Woman of the World”
5. “Christmas In the City” (instrumental)

Side 4
1. “You’re The Man” (version 2″
2. “I Want to Come Home For Christmas”
3. “I’m Going Home (Move)”
4. “Checking Out (Double Clutch)”