Roane Namuh – Petrichor Remixes & Instrumentals

Following up on his celebrated Petrichor EP, Roane Namuh releases a perfect complimentary album, the Petrichor Remixes & Instrumentals. The new Remixes & Instrumental LP features incredible reworks by some of our personal favorite producers, as well as the instrumentals to Roane’s original versions.

Frequent Liquid Beat collaborator Buscrates sets things off with his remix and his signature funk & boogie vibes that are sure to be a DJ favorite. One of our musical heroes DJ Spinna steps up next with an incredible remix of Smoke ft. Blossom & Stanley Ipkuss. Increasing the bpms slightly, Spinna imbues the track with the future focused boom-bap he is known for.

Proh Mic takes on History ft. Vurstayl & Libretto and gives the song a powerful cinematic Hip-Hop groove that matches the tone and subject matter perfectly. Germany’s Hodini utilizes Crimson’s instrumentation and transforms the original into an unexpected synth heavy House track.

As an exclusive part of the digital release only, both Northern Draw & Inkswel remix Crimson ft. Count Bass D to great effect. Northern Draw masterfully cuts up the original version and adds his own slick bounce to the song. Inkswel cooks up a swinging new school Hip-Hop beat that he lays Count Bass D’s slick vocals atop, giving the track a completely fresh, new feel.

Coupled with all these great remixes (and some of their instrumentals) are Roane’s original Instrumentals to the songs that appear on his Petrichor EP. Roane’s beats give insight into his layered and detailed production, and act as stand alone songs in their own right.

Working in conjunction with each other, the Petrichor Remixes & Instrumental release, coupled with the original Petrichor EP, completes the overall vision for this great project.