Trilaterals – Afro LaTeena

New years even is around the corner and although we won’t be playing in a club to bring in 2021, we’ve already begun putting together a solid playlist for out listeners of our favorite tunes of 2020. Keeping things tight, we’ve got a great list so far and things just keep expanding especially when new tunes are being released by the likes of Worldship Music who are dropping a oh so necessary 45 this Friday.

Afro-LaTeena by the Trilaterals is perfectly crafted Deep House double sider which features the original mix on the A-side which was produced by Kristi Lomax who many L.A. music lovers know her as a resident disc jockey on KPFK FM. The flip side though carries a hefty remix and a collaboration between Teflon Dons Aaron Paar and Greg Royal which really had us bouncing out our seats while here in the office.

Here’s the deal…. Get in on the ground floor as this new release is limited to 300 copies worldwide and will be available this Friday over at