Live Convention 23 (Toronto, Canada)

Where did the year go!? It seems like just yesterday that I was celebrating my birthday in Toronto at Live Convention getting my record fix in and surrounded by record dealers and lovers alike all enjoying the festivities of what has become the ultimate record digging and culture experience in the North America. But here we are, not only a year later but several since the inaugural debut of the weekender that has brought people from across the globe all for the love of vinyl and music.

Like previous years, Live Convention has a packed schedule of parties and events with special guests flying in to sell records, play records and dig for records. This years lineup includes the first “Dealers Choice” where select dealers will spin records from their crates which will all be available to purchase for the early birds in attendance. A very special exhibition on Hip-Hop’s founding typeface featuring selected ephemera from authors Charlie Morgan and Rory McCartney from “Heated Words”, the “Disco Rap” party featuring Diamond D, Supreme La Rock, DJ Spinna and DJ Serious. The always insightful and informative “Catalog” where hosts chat with a producer on the history of their production, who they’ve worked with, how things came together and more. This years subject is none other than Diggin In The Crates crew member, Diamond D. Of course the “Cratery Record Exchange” is the crowing jewel of what started this entire thing off and will surely have digs for everyone in attendance. From budget beats to premium selections, no one ever leaves empty-handed. To close the weekend on Sunday night, the “Work It Out” a party for soul lovers featuring Double Peas, Karl Marthon, Memphis Jone$, Famous Lee. *Saturday night there will “The Sound of Success” party featuring XL Middleton, Bus Crates and Gil Masuda.

And as always, be on the lookout for the limited edition exclusives that you’ll only be able to buy at Live Convention!

If you’re a vinyl lover, recorded digger or collector, then this is the place to be! Get your tickets nail for the Live Convention 23 weekend!