LTD – Love To The World (Kon Remix)

In 2018, I’ve come to despise so called remixes and edits of songs that didn’t needed to be messed with in the first place by people who really didn’t do anything to it worth wild. If you’re going to edit something, then edit a rare gem that most people would never expect or learn from the greats of yesteryear or those of the present who nail it every time and do it right like Kon.  Consistently coming correct with his remixes and reworking’s of classic tracks that are already outstanding but given the once over polish to seal the deal, his latest is exactly that. Taking on the task of working his magic on the classic LTD “Love To The World”, Kon took this Disco and Bboy staple to new heights on a 12″ slab that will surely be enjoyed on the dance floor for even more years to come.