Sunstreet – Lovin

There are some records that are just so good that they deserve a reissue for DJ’s to bless dance floors and audiences world wide especially in the disco spectrum of music that brings worlds together. Sometimes those records happened because of love and in this case from the label Rain&Shine who since the beginning made the statement, “We made an early decision to give all profits back to the artists/their families. Why? Musicians who recorded the music we focus on are not going to be around forever. Put simply we thought it would be a nice thing to do; recover the costs of pressing the records, but return all net profit to them. A small token of reciprocity for music that has been a big part of our lives.”

Their latest release and 12″ features Sunstreet “Lovin” b/w edit, which surely is a welcomed addition to anyone’s crates who might not own the original pressing but looking for something that sounds so nice that you’d love to play it twice in one set.

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