Top 10 Video Games of 2018

It’s rather hard to keep up on everything that I love during my spare time and in between traveling for gigs. Everything from listening and reviewing new records, catching up on movies and of course getting a little game time in.  One person who is always warp factor 9 in the gaming world and keeps current on what’s new as well as what’s worth your time is fellow Kung Fu flick fanatic, video game lover and visionary in the gaming world, Chris LaPorte.  Most will know Chris after opening the Vegas hotspot INSERT COIN(S) and now co-founder of RESET, a consulting agency in Las Vegas with a focus on video gaming, esports and nightlife.

Annually, Chris puts together his top 10 games of the year and this year he’s continued tradition with the 2018 list with a ton of gems that will satisfy game lovers across the board.  Head over to RESET to get the scoop.