Simon Allen – Simon Plays (Drum Library) LP

Who doesn’t love fresh open drums weather it be to sample from, drop a rhyme over or even just to sit back and listen to, after all, drums are the foundation and the backbone of the band like the DJ is to the MC.  Drummer Simon Allen recently recorded an original drum break record with 4/4 grooves and single hits of kicks, snares, hi-hats, toms and cymbals thats perfect for the occasion. Played on a vintage 50’s drum kit and recorded direct onto 1960’s analog recording gear onto 2” tape to preserve the sound and warmth that we love so much.

SImon plays 3

Open drum hits 04:12 (kick drum, Premiere snare with dampening, hot-rods, Ludwig snare damped, open & with cross sticks / hi-hats, open hats, hi-hat choke with kick drum, cymbals with kick drum, crash cymbals, Premiere snare drum hit variations).

It’s great to see these types of drum albums being released these days and adds to our collection of essential pieces. Available via